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TLC Medical Transport Jobs and Descriptions

Paratransit Driver

Duties of a Paratransit Driver include operating vehicles adapted for disabled people, picking up and dropping off passengers, following schedules, securing mobility equipment inside the vehicle, and maintaining records. Based on our selection of example resumes, the most sought-after skills in a Paratransit Driver are safe driving, a courteous manner, stamina, effective communication, and time management.


Responding to medical non-emergency transportation We deliver patient care, support, and evaluation in a pre-hospital setting. This generally includes assessing the patient, determining the proper care, and administering treatment. EMTs also help with transporting patients safely between hospitals and care facilities.

In addition to being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma or equivalent, and being CPR certified, EMTs must be nationally certified, locally certified through EMS, and have a ambulance drivers license.  EMTs become certified by completing an EMT course and then passing both a knowledge exam and a skills exam. The best EMTs perform well under pressure and in high stress environments.


Serve as a liaison between our departments and staff. You will correspond with our team to see which vehicles are available and when out-of-service ones will be returned to the fleet. You will talk to drivers to ensure the trip is going as planned. You will be assigning trips to ours drivers based on current demand. You will schedule transportation through online ordering and phone in requests.


We are looking for a reliable Billing Clerk to perform tasks that will help us monitor our revenues. You will be responsible for keeping track of money owed to us by customers, preparing invoices and updating records.

As a billing clerk, you must be accurate and reliable in handling accounts and documents

Medical Insurance Biller

We are looking for an organized and experienced medical biller to join our organization. The medical biller will be responsible for transferring patient and insurance information and initiating payment processes and procedures. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in billing software, medical insurance regulations, and an expert at responding to patient and insurance inquiries. The medical biller will also be responsible for maintaining patient confidentiality, handling personal information, and accurately inputting patient data into the system.

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